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Over the last 6 years we have studied and put into practice a lot of different www programs and services, all free in their basic versions, to present them for our students and to see how they all get involved with renewed energy and endurance. Students of all ages and backgrounds.


Learn Everywhere Anytime you like!

ICT is still considered "either / or" by many teachers and parents, and this can be due to personal experiences or lack of ICT tools at a minimum standard at the local school, and more. But it is here, the www, and we can all benefit from it. Todays children can learn beyond borders, both physically and psychologically. And they can dig deeper than any gereration before them. Taking part in the creation of the future before reaching the age of 6. If we let them.
"I want to learn. I search for what I want to find out. I meet people online to share and to participate, and noone can stop me"! Not even the teacher.
ICT Live presents links to our own services and to services we believe can be helpful for you. Just take a look on the left side of this page and you can see some of the services we present. Services we use ourself. Alone or together with others. Depending on what we want to achieve. Click the left side of the images and view a short presentation.

Over the years we have presented more than a 1000 videotutorials for free, and still do, because it's motivating to share and to experience that others find it helpful. We will continue doing this, but we will also like to present our new service: LIVE TRAINING for those who are intereseted, either via Skype or by using Google Hangout. This to keep cost as low as possible. This service is primarily for teachers, but ..... send a request and we'll have a look. And, with our 3D magazines we use both text, images, audio and video to help you understand and to get good, basic understanding of how to best benefit from a program or a service "up there in the cloud".

Please mail us at team21(@)ict21st.com and we will reply as quick as we can.

Yours Sincerely Haldor L√łnningdal
Editor and Producer

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IKT Forlaget as, Stavanger, Norway. Mail to: team21(@)ict21st.com